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Let me introduce Us! My name is Saul and my wife's name is Carol. I am recently retired from law enforcement. We have been collectors of gold and precious metals for several years before starting our gold business. There was a time when we had a number of gold Kuggerands, but we always had a desire to collect gold in its original nugget form. We are also avid scuba divers, which further sparks our interest in the mystery of gold.

Over the years we developed relationships with many folks in the gold business, especially prospectors in Australia. These prospectors told us their stories of adventurous discovery in some difficult locations in the Australian outback. We discerned that these men and women had their own unique stories about the nuggets, as well as the conditions they endured to uncover them. Becoming so intrigued by these narratives, we ultimately began collecting nuggets and have now embarked on launching a business with gold nuggets as the centerpiece of our product line.

We are proud to have the opportunity to bring these beautiful gold nuggets to market for the collector or the person who wants to transform their nugget into an unusual piece of jewelry for themselves or that special someone. We ensure the finest quality in our product and honesty in our business practices.

Goldmartinc.com welcomes the opportunity to meet you through our newly launched website. We look forward to building many new relationships.

Happy Collecting,

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Saul Thau
President, Gold Mart, Inc.


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